Miss Genii Is The Fabulous New Fitness Model Driving Us Wild


Miss Genii In ALL her glory Image Ryan Astamendi/ Instagram

Miss Genii has 1.1 million followers on Instagram and with good reason: she’s kind of perfect.

loaded doesn’t know if such a thing exists, but this Florida-based fitness model is making us a believer in faultlessness. Her butt is literally the peach emoji.

Using the moniker Genesis, the Japanese/Brazilian beauty has pretty spectacular curves which she is only too happy to showcase.

She’s only been active on Instagram for 35 weeks but already her fan base has grown exponentially thanks to her hard work in the gym, encouraging us all to pick up a teeny weight now and then.

She’s an inspiration with her before and after pictures, showing the grinding journey she’s been on to achieve her awesome form. 

As per usual with Instagram fitness models on the rise, she’s jumped at various branding opportunities and features a range of products on her profile including Actright Sizzurp which claims to be an “all natural relaxation syrup.” We’re not entirely sure of at the moment. 

If purple drank isn’t your thing, there’s always Flat Tummy Tea which she also endorses. Don’t think her tummy could get any flatter, you could have a full tea service on that thing.

Bienvenidos a Miami ?

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Most recently she jumped on the booty massage train and shared a video of her receiving a treatment that penetrates into the skin to break up fatty deposits. 

Halloween ? is my favorite holiday ?

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Though the model is still a bit of a mystery and we bull-shat our way through most of this article, we are confident that the pictures will throw in a thousand more words. They are quite spectacular.

Good morning Cali ✨ #fitness

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Just, wow. 

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