Miss BumBum urges Lionel Messi to unblock her on Instagram

And Suzy Cortez knows exactly how to convince him – that’s right, with her bum.

The cheek of it But could Miss Bbumbum's plan work?

If there is one thing Suzy Cortez loves just as much as her prized posterior it is Barcelona goal machine Lionel Messi.

So when the model also known as Miss Bumbum (an official title, apparently), discovered the Argentine had blocked her on Instagram, she decided to take action.

And when we say action, we basically mean she decided to upload even more butt pics (what else can you call them?) to social media.

Featured alongside the not-so-catchy hashtag #UnBlockMeMessi, Cortez is hoping the South American striker has a change of heart after blocking her on the social media site.

In fairness to Messi, the move came after Miss Bumbum began bombarding the Argentine with pictures of, you’ve guessed it, her bum, in a series of poses alongside a Barcelona shirt bearing Lionel’s name.

While to most people, including Cristiano Ronaldo, such adulation would go down pretty well, it’s an entirely different story with Messi.

Much of this has to do with his girlfriend, Antonella Roccuzzo who has, rather unsurprisingly not taken well to the idea of a model sending her partner x-rated posterior pics.

Comemorando ⚽️ 100° goals for Leo #Messi under Luis Enrique at @fcbarcelona #SupercopaFCB #FCBLive ?❤ #Campeones ?

A photo posted by Suzy Cortez (@suzycortezoficial) on

Not that Cortez appears to care

“I was surprised and upset after finding my profile blocked,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I do not believe it was the #messi, so I launched the campaign #UnBlockMeMessi.”

With the post so far attracting just 5,057 likes since being uploaded around nine hours ago, it looks like Cortez still has some way to go before she convinced Messi to change his mind.

This isn’t the first time Miss Bumbum has courted controversy though, having previously attracted the ire of Gerard Pique’s camp following a series of similarly risqué uploads aimed squarely at the Spain international.

Don’t be surprised to see Cortez up the ante in the coming days and weeks either.

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