The Miss Bumbum picture that’s sparked religious outrage

Does this offend you?

Miss Bumbum 2016 contest
The hopefuls The Miss Bumbum 2016 contestants. Image Instagram/daianafegueredo

The Miss Bumbum contest has hit the headlines again thanks to a photograph of this year’s hopefuls recreating Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper.

The Brazilian beauty pageant put together a shoot featuring all eight contestants mimicking Christ and his disciples.

The fury was almost instant, with the shoot being branded deeply disrespectful by Father Clesio Vieira of Rio de Janeiro’s Volta Redonda diocese.

“Everyone’s talking about it. It has broken the boundaries of ethics and respect, all in the name of money. This isn’t creativity, it’s the vulgarisation of the sacred and is deeply disrespectful,” the Daily Mail quotes him as saying.

One contestant, Daiana Fegueredo, has admitted that she regrets taking part in the photoshoot. Fegueredo sits in the centre of the image, chosen to ‘play’ Jesus as she’s the frontrunner to take the crown.

“I did the photo because of my contract. But I didn’t like it and I wasn’t happy about it. You can’t play around with the word of God,” she said. “I completely understand people being angry about it, because even I’m angry and I’m in it. For me it is blasphemy.

“I feel really bad deep inside of me. I’m a practising Catholic. Since I did the photo my heart is tight inside my chest, I can’t sleep and I don’t stop thinking about it. I’ve already asked forgiveness from God, and I ask forgiveness from everyone else. We went too far. We were part of a great sin.”

The new Miss Bumbum will be revealed on November 9, bringing to an end the year-long reign of Suzy Cortez.

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