Brazil’s Miss Bumbum 2016 Winner Revealed

Who needs the US election anyway?

The winner of Miss Bumbum 2016
Erika Canela Image Getty

The US might have had a pretty important vote happening this week, but Brazil has been on tenterhooks for something equally important: the Miss Bumbum 2016 winner.

This morning samba-loving model Erika Canela was crowned as the sixth Miss Bumbum winner at a ceremony in Sao Paulo, according to Fox News Latino.

More than 10 million people cast their vote in the contest, which is open to anyone who hasn’t had plastic surgery on their posterior.

Erika held off competition from 14 other finalists and takes the title from Suzy Cortez.

This year’s contest also had a Miss ‘Granny’ Bumbum – open to entrants over 50 – and the winner was 64-year-old Dona Geraldo. Dona previously starred in the Brazilian version of Big Brother.

Miss Bumbum 2016 has been mired in controversy after a promotional photo emerged showing the hopefuls mimicking Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper.

Miss Bumbum 2016 winner Erika Canela
Erika Canela The winner of Miss Bumbum 2016. Image

“This isn’t creativity, it’s the vulgarisation of the sacred and is deeply disrespectful,” said Father Clesio Vieira of Rio de Janeiro’s Volta Redonda diocese.

Further to this, accusations also flew around about cheating in vote rigging in the competition.

Danny Morais accused rival Karyn Alvys of having bottom implants, while MC Sexy claimed that Danny was guilty of attempting to fix the vote.

However, it seems that all contestants have conceded defeat and Erika has taken home the £18,000 prize and modelling contract.

Watch Miss Bumbum 2016 winner Erika Canela in action below:

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