Who does Miss Bum Bum prefer: Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?

It is a question that continues to plague scholars: whom does Suzy Cortez support?

The battle for Bum Bum Who does Miss Bum Bum really favour in football? Image Instagram

Like a womanly equivalent of the Pyramids, Suzy Cortez – aka Miss Bum Bum – continues to defy physics, thanks in no small part to her famous posterior.

But the mystery of Miss Bum Bum extends far beyond her ample assets.

Seemingly an avid football fan, if her social media output is any indication, exactly whom the Brazilian model actually supports remains something of a mystery.

A few days ago, she appeared to have sworn her allegiance for Lionel Messi and Barcelona after picturing herself wearing nothing but a Barca top and a strategically-positioned football.

The cheek of it
The cheek of it Miss Bum Bum has no boundaries. Image Instagram

It was an image deemed naughty enough to have a certain Mrs Messi block Bum Bum on Instagram.

However, that’s only the start of the mystery.

For one thing, the Columbo in us can’t help but question why a Brazilian would show quite so much support for an Argentine, given the intense footballing rivalry between the two nations.

And then there’s Cristiano Ronaldo.

Shiny, brown and intensely muscular, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Portuguese pleaser
Portuguese pleaser Miss Bum Bum backing Cristiano Ronaldo Image Instagram

Miss Bum Bum appeared to show her support for not only CR7 but the Portugal national team as a whole after previously posing in a shirt while showing off her popular posterior.

But, hang on a second, before that Miss Bum Bum was busy showing off yet another Barcelona shirt alongside…yep, you guessed it, her borderline-iconic arse.

Wedged In
Wedged In Miss Bum Bum has blown our minds.

This was a particular highlight from her vast Barcelona collection, with Miss Bum Bum posing for what could be termed as the world’s most erotic wedgie.

But, hold up. Here’s another steamy shot of Miss Bum Bum seemingly pledging her allegiance to Brazilian side Sao Paulo.

Bad Bum Bum
Bad Bum Bum Who the hell do you support? Image Instagram

And that’s before we even get to the picture of Miss Bum Bum in what appears to be a Russia national team jersey – trying to win a few extra fans ahead of the World Cup, eh?

Russian defector
Russian defector Miss Bum Bum loves Russia. Honest. Image Instagram

Maybe she’s just the world’s worst football fan, a globetrotting glory hunter happy to adopt any team’s colours if it gives her an excuse to showcase her ample assets.

Then again, maybe she just really loves Barcelona – after all, Bum Bum did go and paint the Barca kit on her bare chest in one particularly risque social media post.

Breast wishes from Bum Bum
Breast wishes from Bum Bum Alright, she clearly likes Barcelona Image Instagram

Maybe it’s time Miss Bum Bum started backing England. Roy Hodgson’s team needs all the help it can get.

At the moment, though, she’s just really, really looking forward to the Olympics in Rio.

Miss Bum Bum in Brazil
Miss Bum Bum in Brazil She is really looking forward to those Olympics. Image Instagram

Never change, Miss Bum Bum, never change.

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