‘Miracle Penis’ saves man from certain death in Croatia

This guy’s junk got him out of some serious trouble.

Imagine being struck by lightning. Now imagine being struck by lightning on your penis.

They say that lightning never strikes twice but if, by some strange twist of fate, that proves to be false then we sincerely hope Croatian Zoran Jurkovic is not the recipient.

He’s currently recovering in hospital after being struck by lightning during a bike ride near his village of Petrovci.

“We were shocked when we saw the man. He was sitting in the rain and steam was coming out of his body”

Yet really, Jurkovic should be dead.

Having been struck on the head by a bolt, the charge should have surged through his body and caused a cardiac arrest as well as the destruction of several major organs.

However, Jurkovic was spared such a fate by one thing and one thing alone: his d*ck.

According to 24Sata, the 41-year-old survived after the lightning earthed itself through his penis.

The Croatian was unable to earth through his feet, with the electricity following the cable of his headphones down to a radio clipped to his belt.

From there, the electricity made the small leap to his genitals, sparring his life in the process.

Speaking to the Croatian news outlet, one passer by described the scene they found.

“We were shocked when we saw the man. He was sitting in the rain and steam was coming out of his body,” they said.

“The bicycle was next to him. We took him in our van and drove him to the hospital. Doctors were also amazed that he was alive.”

Jurkovic is now recovering in hospital and unlikely to be heading off for any bike rides any time soon.

His penis, meanwhile, is thought to be safe and well. Or as well as it can be.

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