Millionaire’s Bacon Will Change The Way You Look At Bacon Forever

What could be better than bacon? Millionaire’s bacon that’s what.

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There are few things better than a bit of bacon either served as part of a slap-up breakfast, alongside eggs, sausages, beans and the rest, or simply stuck in between two bits of bread.

But news is spreading of a very different kind of bacon – a kind of bacon that is going to change all of our lives for the better. And it’s not Quorn Bacon before you start on that nonsense.

No, this bacon is big and brash and uncommonly thick and intense. It’s not arrived in the UK just yet, but when it does everything you know is going to change.

It’s called millionaire’s bacon and the first bit of good news is that you don’t need to be a millionaire to afford it, though it does sell for around $7 a strip in the US.

Cut around half an inch thick, it’s been championed by Steven Hoyul Choi, of the Sweet Maple restaurant in San Francisco, according to Joe.

It’s proven a huge hit with customers too, who have taken to social media in their droves to celebrate this incredible addition to the bacon family.

Okay, so it’s a little bit different to standard bacon – Choi prefers to think of it more as “bacon steak” and it’s not something you can easily make at home – millionnaire’s bacon must be slow-cooked for a good few hours in order to get the maximum flavour.

But it’s all worth it in the end, with the resulting slab of meat looking like something close to perfect for anyone passionate about all things pig.

“Big Hip” Deep friend French toast & Millionaire’s Bacon ?? #toogood #sweettooth

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Any vegans feeling left out by this incredible bacon breakthrough need not worry either – there are plenty of amazing things happening for non-meat eaters.

McDonald’s, for example, is trialling a new McVegan burger. That sounds…nice.

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