Millennials less likely to have one night stands compared to Generation X

The study also questions whether there are more virgins these days.

The Girlfriend Experience Riley Keough
Clinch Riley Keough in The Girlfriend Experience. Image Picture Starz

Millennial’s are less likely to sleep around than their counterparts 30 years ago in the 60s.

That’s according to a US survey which researched adults between the ages of 20-24 and their sexual behaviour compared to people born in the 1960s.

The research showed that 15% of young adults born in the 1990s have no sexual partner, compared to 6% among those born 30 years previous.

Author of the report, Ryne Sherman of Florida Atlantic University, claimed that the study goes against the popular notion that the current generation is overly-sexualised.

Sherman said: “You would expect, based on the popular notion that with apps such as Tinder, it’s a group that is looking for hook-ups and not long-term relationships.”

The study explores young people and their sexual partners since the age of 18 many people challenged the notion saying that many could have had sex before 18, something which Sherman disputes.

He said: “What it probably means is there are more young people who are virgins than young people who were virgins in the past.”

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