Miley Cyrus in This Week’s Playlist? Yes.

Yeah, that's right, we said Miley Cyrus.

This week loaded dives into a silky cover of “What’s Love Got To Do With It” by Tina Turner.

We also turn our attention to South East London duo BLESSED, and bop to George Kwali’s new banger – but first we must talk about Miley Cyrus’s new Album ‘Younger Now’.




Miley Cyrus – Younger Now (Album)

It feel’s like Miley has finally found her musical identity. Although we wanted more from the singer, and after seeing her reinvent herself again post ‘Bangerz’ era – we’re glad she’s diving into a more intimate sound, reminiscent of her incredible cover of ‘Jolene’ by ‘Dolly Parton’. (who features on this album). The album itself wasn’t received with massive acclaim – most criticising the young singer’s lack of emotion and lyrical depth. Negatives aside loaded has been spinning the album since it’s release, there’s something interesting happening here, and we think this shift from the 24-year-old is worth paying attention to!




Luppi – What’s Love Got To Do With It

Italian duo Luppi has created an addictively smooth rendition of Tina Turner’s ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’. It’s Smothered in luscious synths chords and airy vocals, with a beat that will surely get anyone bopping. The duo state the track was inspired by their city Turin and legendary Juventus footballer Roberto Baggio. Well done boys.



George Kwali – When it Breaks

loaded was graced by the incredible George Kwali last weekend, as he took us behind the scenes at Boundary Brighton festival. The young artist has been making waves with huge singles such as ‘Crank It (Woah!)’ with Kideko Ft Nadia Rose and Sweetie Irie. George released ‘When it Breaks’ last Friday. Punchy drumlines laced under echoey vocals that make us want to leave work early and get to the dance floor. This has taken our top spot for Track Of The Week.



Allie X – Paper Love

LA-based singer Allie X deciphers the fragility and addictiveness of love in dreamy pop single – Paper Love. The track hits a common theme we’ve all had to deal with one way or another – loving someone who’s bad for you but it feels so good.



Kelela – Take Me Apart (Album)

Following her stunning visuals for ‘MLK’ – which were soaked in 90’s nostalgia, and honoring the iconic look and feel of that era. Kelela releases ‘Take Me Apart’. A technical marvel transcending the very foundations laid down by her predecessors. It’s hard to pick out a favorite track, each track has heaps of texture, with exquisite and well-refined production flowing through. ‘Onanon’ is a track not to be missed! We’re loving it.



Toro Y Moi – Mirage

If you’re in search of some vibes this weekend then fear not. Toro Y Moi is here for us all. “Mirage” from his recent album “Boo Boo” captures melancholic bittersweet harmonies glazed over strings that echo through the entire track. If you’re planning a road trip this weekend remember to add this one to your driving playlist.



Disciples – Jealousy

Brit nominated trio Disciples have been making waves in the music scene as of late, with their Gold-certified summer hit “On My Mind”. The trio dropped another track to transition us smoothly into the colder seasons. Thumping bass, crisp vocals, and a melodic beat pumping through effortlessly. “Jealousy” is yet another solid track to add to their already strong roster of hit records.



Blessed – Howlin

The aesthetically pleasing duo ‘Blessed’ showcase their unique flow and talent at combining melodic R&B vocals with a blend of dancehall and electro-pop here. Are we seeing a reinvention of British urban music? Or perhaps an innovative approach to genres entrenched into UK music culture. The South East London Pairs “Howlin” is exactly why we’re so excited about UK music right now!



Tina Turner – What’s Love Got To Do With It

Taking you to Sunday and beyond this week, is the one and only Tina Turner. 1987’s iconic, ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’ ranked #309th on the Rolling Stone’s 500 greatest songs of all time, and with good reason. Written by Terry Britten and Graham Lyle the track retains the magic that was 80’s pop music.

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