Mike Tyson Enlists Bikini-Clad Models For Cringey ‘Diss Track’ Video

Listening to Iron Mike’s mad rap skills will do serious damage to your ears. And mind.

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As a boxer, Mike Tyson ranked among the very best but as a rapper it would appear that Iron Mike’s MC skills leave a little to be desired.

Enlisted to coach Chris Brown in a charity boxing match against fellow star Soulja Boy, Tyson has decided to double down on his support for Brown by releasing his very own diss track on YouTube.

Entitled ‘If You Show Up’, the clip is two-and-a-half minutes of Iron Mike mumbling a series of vague, boxing-related threats aimed squarely in the direction of Soulja Boy.

The video is a mixed bag, full of models enjoying sweaty gym workouts and, in one rather risque moment, a very large banana, all with Tyson rapping over the top, at one point promising he will “sting like a venereal disease.”

Having already amassed close to half a million views, it’s fair to say that the clip has gone down well with fans online.

Whether it will be enough to leave Soulja Boy quaking in his boots, however, is debateable though Brown will have been boosted by the news that the “Crank That” star has parted ways with his own celebrity trainer Floyd Mayweather.

Tyson appears confident regardless, telling the 26-year-old “I’m going to teach him how to knock your ass out” in the offending clip, a track that begins to grate around one minute in.

Mike Tyson in WWE.
Mike Tyson In his WWE days Image Getty

Rumoured to be potentially taking place in Las Vegas this March, the charity boxing match has been set up as a means of ending an ongoing spat between the two recording artists.

It is claimed that the pair fell out after Soulja Boy began flirting with Brown’s ex Karrueche Tran, on Instagram.

Still, is that really enough of a reason to unleash this monstrosity on our ears?

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