Mike Tyson Accidentally Punched One Of His Kickboxer Co-Stars

There's method acting and then there's Mike Tyson.

Mike Tyson in Kickboxer: Retaliation.

Mike Tyson used to earn a lot of money punching people in the face in the name of sport.

These days, he spends a decent chunk of his time pretending to punch people in the face as part of his new career as an actor.

Sometimes, like in The Hangover, it goes well. He pulls off a fake punch to perfection. Other times, not so well. Like during filming on his latest film effort Kickboxer: Retaliation.

It’s a film loaded spoke exclusively to Christopher Lambert about, with the Highlander actor praising Tyson’s performance and general demeanour on set.

Mike Tyson in his boxing prime.

UFC star Fabricio Werdum had a slightly different experience though. It’s not that Tyson was an asshole or anything, he just ended up punching Werdum in the face. For real. When he wasn’t meant to. And he’s still got magic in those fists. So it hurt.

According to Werdum, via TMZ Sports, Tyson not only punched the UFC star, he almost shatter his nose completely.

It was a miscalculation of course.

The punch nearly knocked Werdum off his feet but rather than react or retaliate, he let it slide. Possibly because it ws Mike Tyson.

“It’s good ’cause he’s Mike Tyson!!” Werdum said.

Damn straight.

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Thankfully, Tyson was a little more careful on another of his upcoming film projects – a Chinese action movie that features a 10-minute continuous fight scene between Iron Mike and Steven Seagal.

Rumour has it neither one wanted to lose the fight, meaning the resulting on-screen tussle supposedly ends in a “draw”.

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