Miesha Tate takes sweet revenge on perving police officer from UFC weigh-in

The UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion showed the law enforcement official who’s boss.

Miesha Tate LoadedThe 30-year-old has fought her last fight. Image Picture Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

Miesha Tate is not a woman to be messed with and she showed precisely why after exacting some sweet social media revenge on a police officer who copped an eyeful.

It all started during the weigh-in for UFC 196, when an on-stage Las Vegas law enforcement official was caught having a cheeky peek at Tate’s posterior.

Despite resisting the urge to look for much of the clip, the officer in question eventually succumbed to temptation and was soon left regretting his actions.

The peeping tom police officer probably hoped his momentary glance had gone unnoticed but eagle-eyed fans on social media soon spotted his passing glance and the clip went viral.

Peeping Police The moment a Las Vegas Cop copped an eyefull.

Almost a week on from the incident and with Tate taking home the women’s bantamweight title after victory over Holly Holm at UFC 196, the new MMA hero decided to pay the officer a visit.

Having been identified as one Russel Mettke, the police officer at the heart of the social media storm proved to be a good sport.

In fact, Mettke even agreed to pose for a video, which was subsequently uploaded to Tate’s Instagram account in which the pair’s roles were reversed.


Tate, to her credit though, opted against “checking him out” in the clip, which sends a strong message to any thigh-rubbing MMA-loving blokes out there.

It is also a lot better than the alternative, which probably would have seen Tate putting some kind of chokehold on Mettke or maybe just an uppercut or two.

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