Micro Pig Owners Shocked After It Gained 650lbs And Grew ‘Bigger Than A Polar Bear’

Not so micro after all...

'Micro pig'
'Micro pig' Esther the Wonder Pig Image Facebook/Esther the Wonder Pig

Micro pigs have become the luxury pet of choice for thousands of us over the last few years, but they don’t always turn out to be the most practical of animal companions…

The likes of Miley Cyrus and Paris Hilton can’t get enough of their adorable pint-size pigs. Mario Balotelli even blamed his poor form for Liverpool on not being able to see his adorable pet as often as he wanted a few years back.

The cute animals can cost thousands of pounds, but not every owner ends up being pleased with their purchase.

As the Mirror reports, one couple got a huge surprise when the pig they’d been sold turned out to be not very micro at all…

Micro Pig

Canadians Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter bought a tiny piglet called Esther back in 2012. Little did they know that the pig would go on to grow to enormous proportions.

Rather than staying at normal micro pig size, Esther has swelled to a weight of 650 lbs (46 stone) over the last five years – which is more than an adult polar bear – and it’s showing no signs of stopping.

The pig lives like a normal, smaller house pet would, sleeping on the sofa and the bed and eating a LOT of food. Esther enjoys getting dressed up from time to time too, and thankfully, the pig has been trained to go to the toilet outside.

micro pig

Steve spoke about living with Esther, saying that despite being shocked to see her grow so large, they wouldn’t have her any other way.

“We just adapted and loved her more. Esther can’t control her size and we have absolutely no intention of giving her up,” he said.

Micro Pig

Steve also spoke about her loveable appearance, saying: “The smile you see in her pictures is totally untouched. She appears to smile all the time, we really don’t know if all pigs do it or if she’s special… we think it’s because she’s special.”

It’s an unconventional set-up, but Esther looks happier than a pig in shit to be in the house with Steve and Derek.

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