Awesome Micro Machines-Inspired Game Coming To Grand Theft Auto Online

Gaming fans, prepare to get nostalgic...

Micro Machines-inspired Grand Theft Auto game
Tiny Racers The Micro Machines-inspired game Image Rockstar

Was Micro Machines the best driving game of all time?

Sure, Gran Turismo and Need For Speed were fun, but gaming fans of a certain age will remember Micro Machines as one of the most enjoyable games ever.

There was something joyous about driving those tiny motors around pool tables, or through hazardous household settings – in fact, we might go and dig out our Playstation just so we can play it again.

Now, in news that’s sure to delight gamers everywhere, a special Micro Machines-inspired game is coming to Grand Theft Auto Online very soon.

The new spin-off game from Rockstar will soon be available online, and features the old-school bird’s eye view from the original Grand Theft Auto games in the late 90s.

The new mode, named Tiny Racers, is clearly inspired by the classic game, and even includes similar power-ups.

The multiplayer stunt racing game takes place on an impossibly high track above the streets of Los Santos, and sees racers using power-ups and weapons to fight their way to the finish line.

It looks a whole load of fun, and it’s making the nostalgic gamer in us very happy.

Fans will be able to play the game for free through Grand Theft Auto online, when it launches.

It’s not the first bit of retro gaming news that’s got loaded excited recently, after it was announced that Nintendo are planning to launch a SNES mini with thirty classes games built in.

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