Michelle Keegan on playing Queen Elizabeth I in Drunk History

The former Corrie actress plays the monarch opposite Jack Whitehall in tonight's episode for Comedy Central show.

Michelle Keegan
Soap royalty Former Corrie star Michelle admits she likes a tipple. Image hoto by Samir Hussein/Getty Images

Michelle Keegan has opened up about playing Queen Elizabeth I in the new series of Drunk History, which sees the return of drunk comedians narrating some of their favourite stories from bygone years.

Former Coronation Street star Keegan, who stars in tonight’s opening episode on Comedy Central alongside Jack Whitehall as Sir Walter Raleigh, has admitted that swapping her Corrie clobber for that of the monarch resulted in a bit of a shock for her body.

“I have no make-up on apart from white chalk, so I feel like it’s Halloween,” she said.

“I have a crown on my head which is so heavy, so right now I can’t feel my head any more. It’s gone numb and I have thermals on because it’s so cold. I also have a ring that goes round my waist to give me an edge for my bum.” 

Unrequited love
Unrequited love Elizabeth I fell for Sir Walter Raleigh.

The episode, entitled The Rise and Fall of Sir Walter Raleigh, has provided 28-year-old Keegan with a history lesson, and she’s keen to learn more about the story.

She revealed: “The story deals with the fact that Raleigh wanted someone who wasn’t my queen and she couldn’t have her own way.

“Elizabeth I was highly regarded, well respected and she was the longest reigning queen at the time. I know she was strict and said she died a virgin, but I would actually like to know what happened in her life.”

Style Queen
Style Queen Michelle in Drunk History.

Keegan’s episode sees apparently pissed comedian Tom Craine try to retell the story. Unlike Craine, recently married Keegan admits she can now handle her drink far better than a couple of years ago, saying: “I have learnt to over the years. Probably a few years ago, in my early 20s, then absolutely not. I didn’t know when to stop.

 “Now I don’t like that feeling of being out of control, so once I get to that peak I know it now and I have a bit of a break or some water. I don’t carry on how I used to.”

Michelle Keegan
Real life Michelle and husband Mark Wright. Image Picture by Getty Images

Comedy Central’s Drunk History returns for season two on Wednesday at 10pm.

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