Michelle Keegan Had To Watch Our Girl Sex Scenes With Her Parents

This sounds like the most awkward thing ever…

Michelle Keegan
Michelle keegan This sounds seriously awkward...

Michelle Keegan set pulses racing with a raunchy sex scene on BBC series Our Girl earlier this year, and the actress has now revealed how it landed her in a spot of bother with her parents.

The ex-Coronation Street star played an army medic on the show – and her opening scene saw her in bed with Luke Pasqulaino’s Elvis.

Appearing on tonight’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Michelle revealed that she had to watch the scene with her parents at a screening, and it was really embarrassing.

When asked if the scene caused any problems with her fiancé Mark Wright, Michelle replied: “Not so much my partner but… I’m going to be honest, my dad.

She added: “He came to the screening with my mum and I was sat on the other side with the cast, and I remember my brother was sat between my mum and my dad, and I remember the scene coming on and I couldn’t look in that direction once, I couldn’t do it.

“And we haven’t even spoken about it since, I just can’t bring it up to him. He totally understands it’s acting.”


Meanwhile, the actress recently sent social media into overdrive by posting a bikini snap on Instagram.

Watch the trailer for Our Girl series two below:

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