Michelle Jenneke once appeared on Top Gear and Jeremy Clarkson loved it

The Australian Olympic hopefuls ‘warm-up dance’ went down pretty well with Jezza.

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On that bombshell Top Gear's old guard. Image Picture BBC Pictures

Australian Olympic hurdles hopeful Michelle Jenneke is already familiar to millions for her care-free warm-up dance.

A strong candidate for medal glory in Rio, the 22-year-old has a bright future in the sport, having been earmarked as one to watch for some time now.

One guy who has definitely had his eye on Jenneke for some time now is Jeremy Clarkson.

Long before Jezza was getting himself embroiled in fights with producers, the motoring enthusiast collaborated with the Olympian during a special Top Gear Festival appearance in Sydney.

Filmed back in 2014, the segment saw Jenneke take on Clarkson in a feature tastefully entitled “Nissan GTR vs a Woman”. Classy.

Ever the modern man, Clarkson comes across like a pervy uncle, who’s not really your uncle, and insists on having all of his “nieces” sit on his knee during Christmas get-togethers.

“Please put your hands together for Michelle Jenneke,” he tells the watching crowd, “who’s very sportingly wearing a bikini.”

Oh Jezza.

Ahead of the race, which is absolutely nonsense by the way, Jenneke performs her popular warm-up dance routine, much to the delight of Clarkson.

“That’s the warm-up routine?” he asks. “I’ll just sit here and watch this actually.”

She’s young enough to be your daughter, Jezza.

When the “race” finally does happen, Clarkson is triumphant, finally settling the debate had by precisely no-one over which is faster out of a car or “a woman” as he so gracefully puts it.

There’s just enough time for Clarkson to try, and fail, to receive a hug from Jenneke before the segment ends with an almost apologetic voiceover from fellow Top Gear exile James May.

“The question is, did Jeremy organise that rather pointless race, just so he could see Michelle’s warm-up routine?” May asks the viewers at home.

Loaded thinks you already know the answer to that one, James.

Just remember, May: the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

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