REM’s Michael Stipe Nearly Played Kevin Spacey’s Killer In Se7en

David Fincher originally cast the musician as the psychopathic John Doe.

Michael Stipe and Kevin Spacey in Seven
Michael Stipe The classic 1995 was nearly very different Image Getty Images/New Line Cinema

REM frontman Michael Stipe has revealed that was originally cast as the killer in David Fincher’s classic thriller Se7en.

Kevin Spacey gave a memorable performance as manipulative villain Joe Doe, but he wasn’t the first choice for the role.

Stipe was speaking on Alec Baldwin’s podcast when he announced that she was offered the role, but had to turn it down to go on tour with REM.

“I was offered the role of the psychopathic killer in the film Se7en,” he said.

Michael Stipe
Michael Stipe Image Getty Images

“They wanted someone very unexpected, and unfortunately my band was going on tour the same month they were filming. And it required nothing, all I had to do was run down some hallways and look scary.”

Stipe added: “There was no dialogue. I would’ve loved doing it.”

The musician went on to admit that he had a few problems with the finished movie, saying: “I didn’t like the way that movie ended.

“They changed something at the end with Brad Pitt’s rather than Morgan Freeman’s character killing Kevin Spacey, which shouldn’t have happened. It didn’t make sense.”

Watch the trailer for Seven below:

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