How Is Michael Scofield Alive? Prison Break Disappoints On Return

loaded is already calling bullshit on this frankly ridiculous explanation

Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield.
Wentworth Miller As Michael Scofield Image Fox

Prison Break has never been a show grounded in reality but even by its own outlandish standards the explanation as to how Michael Scofield seemingly cheated death took things a little too far.

As anyone who stuck around to the conclusion of the show’s original run will know, Wentworth Miller’s Michael Scofield seemingly died after sacrificing himself so that long-time love Sara could escape.

It was then that fans learned that Michael had made the decision because he had been told by doctors that he had a brain tumour and did not have much time to live.

When the news broke that Prison Break would be returning for a one-off series this year, with Miller involved, many were left confused.

Miller had an explanation though, telling Variety:

“The Michael we knew died. The man we meet now is someone different. Michael’s always existed in the gray scale. There are lines he inches up to and crosses.”

So how did the season premiere address Michael’s death and seeming resurrection? Well, by not addressing it at all.

Rather than explain how any of what happened in the last series could have possibly occurred, we learn that Michael has been holed up in a hardcore Yemen prison for much of the past seven years after someone faked his death – the classic TV cliche when it comes to this sort of thing.

Oh and because you couldn’t call it Prison Break without featuring some sort of prison, right?

Perhaps more details will be revealed in the episodes to come, but as openers go, it wasn’t the best of starts.

Everyone’s favourite villain Theodore Bagwell, played by Robert Knepper and better known to fans as T-Bag, also returns despite having seemingly been locked up for good at the end of the last series.

This time around he’s been released, despite a track record that has included multiple murders, kidnapping and even a bit of sexual assault.

Why is he out? Because they need him to be out for the series and it would appear they haven’t really considered how he would ever be released to begin with.

Michael Scofield probably wishes he’d stayed dead. We certainly do.

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