How Michael Pena Prepared For A Dax Shepard Dick-Slapping

The CHiPs actors spoke exclusively to loaded about THAT scene.

Dax Shepard and Michael Pena The CHiPs boys talk merkins with loaded

The big-screen update of CHiPs arrives in cinemas this weekend and as anyone who has seen the trailer knows, there’s one particular scene that has got people talking.

It involves Dax Shepard’s dick and Michael Pena’s face and it also happens to be hilarious.

Shepard is stepping into the role of Officer Jon Baker with Pena playing Officer Frank “Ponch” Poncherello in this knockabout comedy update of the motorcycle cop TV classic.

When loaded caught up with the pair to talk about the movie though, we had just one burning question on our minds: how does one prepare for being slapped in the face with a penis?

Thankfully, when we posed the question to Shepard and Pena they saw the funny side and were only too happy to take us behind the scenes.

Asked how he prepared for the prospect of being slapped by Dax’s dick, Pena was quick to clarify a few things – all in jest of course.

“First of all, I don’t even know why you would say dick,” he said.

“Because Dax had a sock on in that scene. He also had a merkin, which is what my face bumped into.”


Just to be clear to the uninitiated, a merkin is an artificial covering of hair designed specifically for the pubic area. Despite this, Pena made no bones about how tough an experience it was.

“You know; it was probably the toughest scene I had to do in the movie”

Shepard, for his part, recalled Pena’s preparations for that particular scene a little differently.

“But didn’t you say you went out and face-planted [dicks] a dozen times just to practice, with strangers?” he asked Pena.

“Well, yeah, just to rehearse yeah” his co-star responded, smiling to himself. 

Check out the full video interview below…

CHiPs is out now.

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