Michael J Fox goes Back to the Future to play Johnny B Goode with Coldplay

This is clearly the best thing Coldplay have ever done.

Michael J Fox and Chris Martin perform Johnny B Goode
Guitar heroes Michael J Fox and Chris Martin perform Johnny B Goode.

In what’ll surely go down as the best thing they’ve ever done, Coldplay have covered Back to the Future classics Earth Angel and Johnny B Goode – and brought Michael J Fox up on stage to do it with them.

The band’s Sunday evening show at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey saw Chris Martin’s son Moses appear via video screen to ask his dad to play something from “both of our favourite movie, Back to the Future”.

Martin obliged, putting on his very own version of the Enchantment Under the Sea dance before bringing Fox onto stage a couple of minutes into Coldplay’s performance of Marvin Berry and The Starlighters track Earth Angel.

Naturally, the crowd went nuts as Martin watched Fox for the changes and tried to keep up.

“That’s our dream come true. Thank you, Michael,” Martin said post-performance. “What a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful man.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Here’s a reminder of the original rendition of Johnny B Goode in case you haven’t seen Back to the Future in a while…

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