Michael Fassbender And David Hasselhoff Teaming Up For Kung Fury Movie

It's a big budget, feature-length adaptation of the best short movie of all time.

Michael FassbenderImage Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images for BFI

Michael Fassbender has signed on to star in the feature length adaptation of Kung Fury, arguably the greatest short movie of all-time.

The action comedy is being helmed by David Sandberg, who wrote and directed the original short, and will also feature David Hasselhoff.

Kung Fury was first released back in 2015 off the back of a wildly successful Kickstarter funding project that saw the film get selected for Cannes and rack up well over 40 million views worldwide.

A TV commercial and music video director prior to his work on the project, Sandberg spent $5,000 of his own money putting together an initial “trailer” for Kung Fury starring his friends.

That trailer was released in December 2013 as part of the crowdfunding campaign with an initial target of $200,000 put in place to produce a 30-minute film to then stream online for free.

By the time the Kickstarter project ended on January 25, 2014, Sandberg had successfully raised $630,019 from 17,713 backers.

Set in fictionalised version of Miami back in 1985, the film centres on the exploits of Kung Fury, a cop and member of the Thundercops, the ultimate police force.

Channelling the spirit of kung fu, Fury and the Thundercops go up against a pretty formidable foe in the form of Kung Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler.

But after a mysterious villain emerges to help the Fuhrer obtain the most powerful weapon in the universe, Fury is forced to travel through space and time to defeat evil once and for all.

A funny, wacky, action-led homage to the action TV stars of the 1970s and 80s, the film proved popular with fans online and was also notable for boasting an original soundtrack by Hasselhoff.

The Hoff sang the movie’s theme “True Survivor” and is expected to return for the feature length version, as part of the main cast.

Fassbender will star alongside Sandberg in the feature length version. There’s no word on the specific casting of roles for the new film but it’s likely that Fassbender will replace Sandberg as Kung Fury, with Sandberg moving into a secondary role.

Filming is set to commence this summer and will take place in Europe and the US – check out/revisit the original Kung Fury above.

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