Michael Eavis: ‘Miley Cyrus has a place at Glastonbury’

Michael Eavis declares the twerker belongs on the stages of Worthy Farm.

Miley Cyrus is a welcome Glastonbury performer says Michael Eavis
Crass-tonbury? How the Pyramid would look if Cyrus did the splits in Somerset. Image Picture Scott Barbour/Getty Images

‘We had Kanye West this year so seeing an inflatable cock on stage next year won’t make much difference.’

Thus typed one Twitter wit when they heard rumours Miley Cyrus could be headlining Glastonbury 2016. They were referring to her habit of waving blow-up phalluses around during her stage shows… and to the fact West was branded a “cock” by some cultural critics on Twitter when he headlined the festival in June.

Michael Eavis said in September he had “nothing in the pipeline” with the artist formerly known as Hannah Montana for next summer’s festival.

But the Worthy Farm boss has now told Loaded he would never bar the former teenybopper from playing at Glastonbury.

“We’ve had everyone from Kanye West to Beyoncé and Jay-Z, and that’s shown everyone is welcome”

Eavis said, “People keep asking me if Miley Cyrus is playing. I can’t say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to any name, because it only adds to the speculation about who will be appearing. But I think everyone has a place at Glastonbury. We have 20 different stages at Glastonbury, and that’s one of the things that helps make it the greatest show on earth. We’ve had Kanye West, Beyoncé, Metallica and Jay-Z headline Glastonbury, and that’s shown that everyone is welcome.”

Miley Cyrus waving her assets on her Bangerz tour
Gl-ass-tonbury? The view up to 177,000 Glasto punters may get. Image Picture Christopher Polk/Getty Images

For months, rumours have spread Cyrus wants to cement her change of musical direction by playing the Pyramid stage at Worthy Farm.

Cyrus’ Instagram material and boob-flashing would do no harm to Glastonbury’s BBC ratings.

Besides that, the chances of her playing the festival seemed to be strengthened after Tennessee-born Cyrus made her new 23-track album, Miley Cyrus And Her Dead Petz, with The Flaming Lips singer Wayne Coyne – a Glasto veteran.

Cyrus and Coyne have since announced they are going to do a show together naked. Coyne added on his Instagram feed that during the gig ‘milk (well, white stuff that looks like milk) will be spewed everywhere’.

Critics have been left with no choice but to applaud Cyrus for carving out the freedom to be experimental on Disney’s Hollywood Records label. The 22-year-old has gone from the backpack-wearing days of Hannah Montana to singing about weed, body dysmorphia, her dead dog Floyd and lesbianism (after she dated Victoria’s Secret Angel Stella Maxwell this year.)

Miley Cyrus With An Inflatable Dick At A Chicago Concert
Phallus-tonbury? One of the props Cyrus would be bringing to Glasto. Image Picture Gabriel Grams/Getty Images

Dolly Parton played the festival in 2014 and it could be argued Cyrus is simply a younger version of her (only with more fake penises, simulated wanking, midget dancers and mentions of dead pets and weed during her sets.) 

Despite all the talk of Cyrus being a possible surprise billing, Eavis admitted he was under orders from his daughter Emily not to reveal the identity of any artists confirmed for 2016’s event.

“Emily always tells me when I’m talking to the press, ‘No names. Whatever you do, don’t say any names’.”

Eavis’ daughter took over booking artists for the festival several years ago with her husband Nick Dewey, who manages The Chemical Brothers and Hot Chip.

Eavis added, “Emily always tells me when I’m talking to the press, ‘No names. Whatever you do, don’t say any names to anyone’. ”

He did confirm the six Pyramid Stage headliners for next year and 2017 have been booked, adding, “Four are artists who have played Glastonbury before, and two are new names.” Early favourites to play Glasto 2016 include Coldplay, The Stone Roses, Radiohead and Muse. Foals are tipped to be among the two new acts topping the bill while Adele has ruled herself out of headlining, for now.

Michael Eavis says every performer has a place at Glasto
Grass-tonbury Eavis has his work cut out to sort Glasto 2016. Image Picture Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Eavis admitted there is a dearth of potential new bands breaking through who are worthy of Glastonbury headline spots.

He said, “It’s a common complaint that fewer bands are breaking through who are worthy of headlining. I think it’s true, because a lot of the major festivals are saying that. I don’t think it affects us too much, though, because we try to help turn bands into those headliners of the future. Look at Florence And The Machine – they played Glastonbury years before they were famous.”

Eavis admitted he was disappointed tickets for June’s festival had increased in price to £228.

“It grieves me to put the price up,” he said. “I fought hard to keep it down, but inflationary costs in organising means we’ve had to do it.”

Tickets sold out in 32 minutes when they went on sale last month, even though no artists have yet been confirmed – Glastonbury traditionally doesn’t announce its bill until around Easter.

Eavis said, “I really hope people see that £8 is a teeny-weeny raise in comparison to what it could have been.”

Tepee session? The type of performance Cyrus could bring to the BBC’s acoustic backstage area at Glastonbury.
Headline material Watch Cyrus perform her ode to weed, Dooo It!, with Glasto veterans The Flaming Lips.
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