Michael Bisping Is Nearing The End Of His UFC Journey After Brutal Knockout

This was as embarrassing a knockout as it gets in the world of UFC.

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Michael Bisping has edged one step closer to retirement after his humiliating knockout loss to Kelvin Gastelum at UFC Fight Night 122 in Shanghai.

The former middleweight champ suffered more embarrassment against Gastelum, who made short work of Bisping after knocking him out in the opening round of their UFC clash.

Bisping was a late addition to the event’s main card after Anderson Silva was dropped after tests revealed he had most likely used banned substances.

But, 21 days on from being choked out by a dominant Georges St-Pierre, Bisping once again looked out of his depth.

All it took was a killer left hook from Gastelum and Bisping was down and very much out.


It was an embarrassingly short comeback and one that could yet convince the veteran fighter to hang up his gloves for good.

Ronda Rousey all but retired after a loss in similar circumstances, though it is though that Bisping is holding out until UFC Fight Night 127 in March 2018.

The event, which is taking place in London, could offer the perfect send off for the British fighter

Michael Bisping says there’s no room for drug cheats in the UFC before his fight with Anderson Silva at UFC Fight Night 84 – Loaded
Michael Bisping In happier times. Image Photo Victor Fraile

Speaking after the bout, Bisping congratulated his opponent while hinting that time is not on his side.

“Job well done tonight. I was enjoying myself, and he caught me with a good shot,” he said. “God bless Kelvin,” Bisping continued, “He’s young. I’ve done this for a long time. I’m getting old.”

But just because Bisping could be edging closer to the UFC exit doesn’t necessarily mean he’s done with fighting altogether.

One man very much keep to meet Bisping in the Octagon for a one-off fight is Tony Bellew.

Tony Bellew

The heavyweight fighter recently had his rematch with rival David Haye postponed, and previously told loaded of his desire to test himself out in UFC, ideally as part of a fight with Bisping.

“I am 100%, deadly serious. I would happily get into a cage. No two ways about it. As long as the money is right,” he said, adding that he would “love to fight Michael Bisping.”

“If Bisping got in a boxing ring with me, he would have absolutely no chance. I would starch him in about 40 seconds and it would only last about 40 seconds because I would be laughing at him for the first 30.”

Will Bisping accept the challenge?

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