Mia Khalifa Reveals She Hooked Up With A Fan Who Randomly DMed Her

There's hope for fans everywhere after this...

Mia Khalifa in the mirror Loaded
Mia Khalifa The controversial ex-porn star Image Photo @MiaKhalifa/Twitter

Porn stars got a LOT of attention online, and most of the time it’s the last thing they want.

Adult movie actresses previously revealed some of the more NSFW messages they get on a daily basis. After all, it must be exhausting being bombarded with thousands of unsolicited dick pics every day, right?

With that in mind you’d think it was pointless asking porn stars out via DM, and most of the time it is. 

However, Mia Khalifa has just revealed some info which is sure to make chancers everywhere hopeful of bagging a date with an adult movie star in the future.

Mia has admitted that she has hooked up with a fan who sent her an impulsive message on Instagram.

Mia made the revelation while speaking on ESPN radio show Russilo & Kanell, saying she “can only be hit up” from people she follows, and that “it’s usually for a good reason.”

However, she went on to admit that she “only actually ever responded to one DM positively… and that was very recently.”

Mia revealed she was currently “kind of seeing” a guy after he DM’d her – that’s one lucky bloke!

It’s surprising news, and it suggests that things might not be quite so hopeless for fans as we thought…

Hijab porn star Mia Khalifa Loaded
Mia Khalifa The world's most popular porn star. Image Photo Instagram

The Lebanese-American porn star, who once controversially wore a hijab during one of her many adult videos, also recently made headlines for a very different reason.

Meanwhile, thousands of people recently signed a petition to get Mia Khalifa appointed as the US ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

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