R.I.P. Messi – Argentinian TV station hold minute’s silence after Croatia loss

They aren't even out of the World Cup...yet.

Argentina’s World Cup hopes appear dead and buried after a 3-0 defeat to Croatia – so much so, in fact, that one TV station decided to hold a mock funeral in the wake of the loss.

There was a solemn atmosphere to post-match proceedings on the Argentinian station TyC Sports, with the channel’s presenter and pundits holding a minute’s silence to express their sadness.

La Albiceleste still has a mathematical chance of making it to the knockout phase of the competition going into their final group game with Nigeria but TyC Sports was clearly having none of that.

For 60 painfully awkward seconds, the pundits and present stood in silence, doing their level best to look respectful and maintain the sombre nature of the situation.


It quickly became clear that some of those present were desperately trying not to crack a smile too, despite the absurdity of holding a mock funeral for a team that isn’t even out of a competition yet.

Not only that but a team that reached the World Cup final just four short years ago.

Another pundit, meanwhile, can be seen looking off camera towards what’s likely to be the show’s producer. He’s probably asking what the hell is going on.

But, yeah, very sad. What will England do without having an Argentina team to go out to?

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