Men Clueless To Everyday Risk Factors Contributing To Infertility

It’s high time blokes did their homework when it comes to making babies.

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When it comes to assessing the risk factors that contribute to male infertility, the majority of blokes appear to know the square route of f*ck all, it’s been revealed.

Or at least, that is a general consensus gleaned from a study by Dr. Phyllis Zelkowitz, head of psychosocial research at the Lady Davis Institute of the Jewish General Hospital.

His research reveals that, on average, men struggled to identify around half of the potential risks and medical conditions that could seriously hinder their ability to make babies.

And while that may sound like fun and games to the younger guys among us, it’s no laughing matter as you get older and start to think about settling down.

The study revealed that, while risk factors like smoking and steroid use were well established, most blokes didn’t realise that excessive laptop use, cycling and obesity could all mess with your man juice.

Writing in the journal Human Reproduction, Dr Zelkowitz expressed concern:

“Men aren’t as inclined to ask questions about their health, so it stands to reason that they would be less well informed about their fertility.”

“It can lead to depression and put severe stress on relationships”

Despite the damning statistics, the study also revealed around a third of guys worried about these types of problems while two thirds were keen on finding out more.

“Infertility can be devastating for people,” Dr. Zelkowitz added.

“When men can’t have children, or have to undertake very expensive treatments, it can have a grave psychological impact. It can lead to depression and put severe stress on relationships.”

It’s high time guys started looking after themselves a bit more.

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