Science Has Found That Men And Women Have VERY Different Brains

Men and women really are from different planets

We are more different that we realise... Image Huffington post

Men and women are very different, and it could be down to brain size.

A study conducted at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland has discovered that men and women do in fact have very different brain sizes.

Women have thicker cortices which have a lot to do with intelligence, while men have bigger brains. Now, this has nothing to do with who is smarter; it could merely be down to genetics factors, like nose shape or height.


To discover this, the researchers looked at brains of over five thousand volunteers over the age of 40. The patients went through an MRI to determine things like different brain tissues, neuron connections, and overall physicality.

Like we mentioned before, they found that the men’s brains were larger, but interestingly the women had a more vast cortex – meaning that the parts of the brain associated with memory, sensory output, learning and making choices were slightly bigger.


Lead author Stuart Richie concluded that while his find in no way implies that men and women have different intelligence levels, it does, however, confirm the notion that men can be more unstable thinkers.

“This is why our finding that male participants’ brains were, in most measures, more variable than female participants’ brains is so interesting. It fits with a lot of other evidence that seems to point toward males being more variable physically and mentally,” he told Science.

The scientists hope that by understanding these variations in brain shape and function, they can create better and more gender-specific treatments in the future.

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