Melania Trump’s 10 Hottest Photoshoots Before Becoming First Lady

The First Lady Of The United States...Is Smoking

Melania Trump
Melania Trump Image Scott Olson/Getty Images

Despite the fact that Melania Trump is less than enthused about being First Lady, she’s been trying her best to play the part. Dressing in a way that would make Jackie Kennedy proud and starring in any number of memes and Gifs alreayd.

Since The Donald took to office, Melania has retreated back to New York for the school year with her son Barron Trump, which is probably for the best.

Either way, she was a hot Slovenian model in the past. In fact, we found 10 pictures from a variety of shoots she did during her time as a model-for-hire. Including the infamous GQ photos. Oy. Perhaps this isn’t one for the history books.



 Melania met Donald at a party in New York in 1998. She refused to give him her number and insisted he giver her his instead. 



She speaks five languages – Slovene, French, German, Serbian and English. 



Republican opponent Ted Cruz used the GQ pictures as a way to undermine Trump’s campaign.  Trump responded with, “My wife is hotter.”




She is indeed




She has a jewellery line on QVC



She was born in Sevnica a small railroad town in Slovenia



She once modelled for a Camel Ad that was in Times Square


Her full name is Melanija Knavs




We’re thinking she’s probably regretting this shot right about now



Melania now, ‘Murica.


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