Does Melania Trump’s Father Look Like A Certain Someone?

Twitter is losing their minds over FLOTUS' dad...

melania trump
The similarities are freaky... Image Getty Images

The world was finally introduced to Melania Trump’s dad when he alighted from the President’s private plane with Melania’s mother, Amalija on Sunday.

However, his appearance has caused a firestorm on the internet, for one strange reason.

In a Freudian twist, Melania’s Slovenian father Viktor Knavs looks mighty familiar to her husband Donald Trump; it didn’t help that he was dressed exactly like him in Trump’s signature navy suit and comically long red tie.

He’s also similar in age to his son in law, at 73 years old he’s only two years older than POTUS.

Twitter freaked out over this revelation, analysing everything from Viktor’s haircut to his doughy form and facial structure. Admittedly, it is all strikingly similar to the Donald. 

See picture below:

Viktor Knavs
Getty Images

What made the picture even more comical was the fact that he was captured carrying the now defunct Trump magazine; obviously, Donald has placed his own brand of literature aboard Air Force One.

The two men’s similarities go beyond physical appearance, both are former business men with a penchant for flashy things, Viktor apparently collected quite the fleet of Mercedes cars back in Slovenia. [via Town and Country]

Sometimes women do in fact marry their fathers. In her book, Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: The 30 Day Challenge, pediatrician Meg Meeker describes fathers as “a template for all male figures—teachers, boyfriends, her husband, uncles, and even God himself—in [a] daughter’s life.”

Melania is known for being close to both her father and mother. Rumours abound that the Knavs are set to move into the White House, close on the heels of their daughter who recently made the transition from New York City to Washington with her and Donald’s son Barron.

This family is becoming weirder and weirder. 

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