Melania Trump makes wardrobe gaffe at presidential debate

The FLOTUS hopeful probably should've avoided anything to do with p***y.

Melania Trump
Melania Trump Image Scott Olson/Getty Images

It’s been quite the weekend for Donald Trump.

Two days after a 2005 recording emerged of him making misogynist comments about women, he faced off against Hillary Clinton in the second presidential debate.

Trump wrote off his sexually aggressive comments as “locker room banter”, attacked his opponents for husband Bill Clinton’s sexual misconduct while in the White House and even threatened to throw Hillary in jail.

By Trump’s usual standards, this was fairly tame.

The leaking of the 2005 tape, which featured him saying to Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush to “grab [women] by the pussy”, has somehow not torpedoed his presidential campaign.

In a fresh twist to the scandal, Trump’s wife Melania wore a dress to last night’s debate that falls into one of three categories: a sly dig at her husband’s misogynist comments, trolling of the press or a major gaffe.

Given the Trump campaign so far, we’re guessing it’ll probably be the latter.

What’s wrong with it? Well, as spotted by Politiquette, the garment is a “pussy bow silk crepe de chine shirt”.

A spokesperson for the Trump campaign told CBS reporter Sopan Deb that the fashion choice “was not intentional”.

The FLOTUS hopeful probably would’ve been wise to avoid anything to do with the words “pussy”, but maybe she just didn’t realise?

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