Mel C Says She Was “Bullied” By One Of The Spice Girls

Who's Bully Spice?

Mel C of The Spice Girls
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Mel C has spoken revealingly about her time in the Spice Girls, saying that she was bullied by one of her bandmates.

The singer, real name Melanie Chisholm, opened about her experiences in an interview with Attitude, but refused to say which member of the group it was.

Her new album Version Of Me deals with the issue of bullying, and when asked if she experienced it herself during her time in the Spice Girls, she said: “Yes. I’m not going to name names. But yes.”

She added: “Version Of Me is about being bullied. About being in a situation as a young adult where I felt bullied and how that has affected me, and moulded me in a way.

Spice Girls
Spice Girls Mel C says she was "bullied" in the group Image Picture Virgin Records

“Unfortunately, being bullied can really damage people and even when you are stronger and over it, it can still be in the background – undermining you. I hope people will identify with that track.”

Speaking about her relationships with the other members of the group, Mel added: “It’s been addressed, they were aware of what they’d done. They apologised.”

“Now I’m older, I’m a lot more confident and I will not be shat upon. But when I was younger I let people shit on me. What’s done is done but I’d have liked to have been a bit stronger.”

Watch the music video for Spice Girls’s classic hit Wannabe below:

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