Meet the spot-on Zlatan Ibrahimovic lookalike…from Bedford

Zlatan only joined Manchester United two months ago but now has his own doppelganger.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic for Sweden.
Zlatan in his Sweden days He's got a new friend... Image Getty/Alex Livesey

If the meteoric rise of Jamie Vardy and Leicester City last season taught us anything, aside from the notion dreams do come true in football, it was that lookalikes should be seen and not heard.

Try telling that to postman turned professional Vardy doppelganger Lee Chapman though, a man who is the spitting image of the Foxes forward and was only too happy to milk that fact for all its worth this summer.

The only problem was that Chapman is, well, a bit weird. Vardy and his wife were forced to block their once beloved lookalike on social media after being hounded with messages, @s and a few hashtags for good measure.

Jamie Vardy and his lookalike Lee Chapman

Worse was to come though with Chapman reportedly inundated with threats and abuse following England’s early exit from Euro 2016, presumably because they thought he was the real Vardy or, at the very least, had some sort of psychic link with the Leicester star.

Either way, with much of the hubbub surrounding the Foxes and Vardy dying down now, attention has turned to another Premier League star and a spot-on lookalike.

Jack Goodacre must remember the date July 1 2016 with some fondness.

That was the day Zlatan Ibrahimovic signed a one-year contract with Manchester United and the day Goodacre discovered his new calling in life: as a Zlatan lookalike.

Sporting a similar looking set of tattoos, the now-familiar top-knot hairstyle and even a good goatee beard thrown in for good measure, Jack has even got his own nifty hashtag for social media #ZlatanLookalike.

Little is known about Goodacre’s background, though Google suggests he may hail from Bedford where he previously worked as an estate agent and amateur footballer. If correct, then it would be fair to say he underwent quite a makeover to become Zlatan.

Goodacre has already filmed videos for Sky Sports News while his most recent gig appears to have been part of a promotion for Cryotherapy UK, where bum lifts are apparently readily available.

The Zlatan Ibrahimovic lookalike
Twitter/@Jackgoodacre3 Image Twitter/@Jackgoodacre3

With #ZlatanTime only just beginning at Old Trafford, something tells us we will all be seeing more from Goodacre in the next few weeks.

Let’s just hope he avoids the same mistakes Chapman made ie that he doesn’t start believing he is Zlatan for reals. There’s no room for two Zlatans in this world.

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