Meet The SELFLY, The Selfie With No Hands

So that you don't have to ask someone else to take a photo for you.

The SELFLY, the new selfie without hands Image YouTube

Over the past couple of years, the word “selfie” seems to have taken over our lives.

So far, the most advanced invention to help improve our photos was the selfie stick, but now technology has gone one step further to offer us the future: the SELFLY.

The concept of SELFLY is simple: it is an autonomous flying camera device (basically, it’s a phone case attached to a drone and a camera) with only 9mm of thickness.

The concept of the SELFLY Image YouTube

For now, the SELFLY has an autonomy of five minutes, and it is connected to your phone, allowing it to settle the drone to take as many photos as you want –that is, using an app, which is compatible with both iOS and Android and can be used in any main phone brand.

Of course, the coolest thing about this new invention, whichis still in its first stages, is that you get to take photos (and videos) from up above. And it is also quite helpful if you are wearing gloves and can’t be bothered with pressing any buttons.

The SELFLY features Image YouTube

So far, the SELFLY creators are trying to launch the product with a Kickstarter campaign. This vanity drone has a prince of 99$ (£80) and it also has smart features like smile and face recognition or voice control, with an 8MP camera and a self-stability system. So if taking photos from the air without having to use your hands is the dream you have been chasing all your life, then the SELFLY is here to make those dreams come true.

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