Meet the Playmates of the 1960s

The ladies that graced the covers of Playboy from over 50 years ago.

Winner all right Stunning Jo Collins was Playmate of the Year in 1965. Image Playboy

Hugh Hefner turns the ripe old age of 90 next month, and you can now take a look back at some of the playmates who caught Hef’s sharp eyes back in the 1960s.

Long before the Girls of the Playboy Mansion, Kendra and the rest of the recent bunch, these playmates were turning heads on the pages of Playboy at a time when it was certainly a massive career risk to take.

There’s not even a hint of fake tan or hair extensions with this lot, and some of them even managed to wear an impressive amount clothes for the shoots – proof that less is not always more, even when it comes to Playboy centrefolds.

In 1960s Hollywood, landing a spot in Playboy was seen as an impressive career achievement in the lives of many aspiring actresses and models, following the lead of Marilyn Monroe who had posed naked for the publication back in 1953.

Playboy announced in October of last year that from March 2016 on, the magazine was no longer featuring full frontal nudity. A nod to the slightly classier tone of the 1960s perhaps, and as illustrated by the tone of the images below, not a bad thing at all.



Bunny Miss June 1961 Heidi Becker. Image Playboy


Nature scene
Nature scene Miss June 1961 Jean Cannon Image Playboy


June bug
June bug Miss June 1962 Melissa Mathes. Image Playboy


March Miss March 1963 Adrienne Moreau. Image Playboy


May day
May day Miss May 1963 Sharon Cintron. Image Playboy
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