Meet The Guy Who Shoots Model In Slow-Motion For A Living

Shad Yassini's videos have racked up millions of hits on YouTube.

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What would you do if you had access to a fantastically expensive film camera that could record insane slow-motion footage?

Chances are, you wouldn’t do what Shad Yassini did, which is film a video of himself shooting a hot girl in the butt with sweets…

If you haven’t seen it, Shad’s first video ‘Hot Girl Shot in the Butt with Gummy Bears’ was a monster hit on the video streaming site a few years back, and it’s racked up an incredible 5.7 million views.

It sounds pretty odd, but the clip went viral all around the world, and helped launch Shad’s successful career as owner of My Rules Media.

So how did it start? Shad’s story began back in 2015, when he acquired a camera capable of capturing incredible footage at 5,000 frames per second, usually only seen in big-budget Hollywood movies.

Next, he set up the first YouTube video, and it proved hugely popular. Dozens more followed, most of which include hot girls doing cool stuff in slo-mo, and the internet is going crazy for them.

loaded spoke to Shad to find out where the inspirations for his videos come from, and what it’s like to shoot models in the butt with sausages for a living…

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loaded: Why do you think that first video was such a hit?

Shad: Everyone’s so desensitised to everything now. Everything’s been done. I mean, what can you do that’s not crossing the line? I think what really tied that video together was the casting of the model too. When I was researching different models I was thinking, ‘we can’t get the girls that has 10 million followers that everyone knows, we have to find a kind of girl-next-door, so people have to think this girl isn’t super untouchable?’, or whatever. Lots of the popular girls on Instagram think they’re celebrities now. So the casting was important.

loaded: How do you find models for your videos now?

Shad: Originally it was just finding a girl on Instagram and emailing them, but after that video we had a lot of girls reach out to us, and they were like “shoot us in the butt!”. And then, Playboy reached out, and we shot with them. That was cool, but I think nothing will ever be as good as the original video that we did. I think the reason why that first one did really well, was because you have all these film nerd kids that know all about that camera and understand that it’s only used to make serious films. Just the camera alone without the lens is $250,000, and depending on what lens you use… that day we shot the video we had about $500,000 of equipment. So you get film geeks thinking, ‘who are these guys, and why are they messing around in a back yard doing such idiotic things with this camera?’. So you have both sides of the coin – you have the kid that thought it was really hot, and then you have the other that’s, like, a film buff who wants to be like Spielberg or James Cameron.

loaded: What’s the craziest video you’ve ever done? 

Shad: One time we worked on a Japanese game show. They said to us, “we want you to shoot this girl in the face”, and I was like, “you don’t understand, these objects come out this cannon at 60mph”. They still went, “no, no it’s ok, we really want you to shoot her in the face”. I thought it was insane, but they had me stand about a foot away from this girl’s face, and I shot her with marshmallows. Even Marshmallows coming at her at 60mph is like being punched in the face. She had a crazy red… almost like a black eye for an hour or so and I felt really bad. It was insane. 

loaded: Some people online have compared your work to Dan Bilzerian’s stuff. How do you feel about that?

Shad: I don’t think about that comparison to be honest. It was never our thing to be like, ‘oh yeah, we’ll get all these chicks…’ – that’s his whole marketing. I don’t want to know any body’s hustle: I get what he’s doing and I understand it, but that was never out thing. Our thing was, like, ‘we want to do something fun with girls that are actually obtainable.

His whole thing is, “I’m super rich, I only hang out with hot chicks.” None of the chicks have any personality; you can’t see their personality in any of his content. He’s doing these extravagant things, and it’s always totally unattainable. Kids are sitting in their rooms, watching it thinking “fuck, how am I ever going to be as rich as this dude? How am I going to buy yachts and have 100 of the hottest chicks on the planet on the yacht at all times?” It’s like, ‘no, dude’. We were just three friends that came up with an idea. We found a super down-to-earth girl, we got the super camera, and we shot this thing. After people saw it they were like, “sweet, maybe I can make content in my back yard and start a YouTube page”. Yeah, I hope no-one ever compares me to that dude, like on any level. I get it. I get his whole thing, but that’s not me at all. We just want to make cool content, man. We just want to make cool stuff and get cool people involved.

loaded: Thanks Shad.

Check out Shad’s videos on his YouTube page here.

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