Meet The Contestants For Brazil’s Miss Bumbum 2016

Suzy Cortez is about to hand over her crown...

Miss Bumbum 2016 contest
The hopefuls The Miss Bumbum 2016 contestants. Image Instagram/daianafegueredo

Forget about Donald Trump for a second. The biggest contest of 2016 is the race to be crowned Miss Bumbum.

In case you weren’t aware, the Brazilian beauty pageant is designed to celebrate the finest posteriors in South America – and the current incumbent is none other than loaded favourite Suzy Cortez.

The winner will be announced today (November 9), banishing any Donald Trump blues that might be left over from the US presidential election.

Miss Bumbum 2016 hit the headlines recently after mimicking Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper.

“Everyone’s talking about it. It has broken the boundaries of ethics and respect, all in the name of money. This isn’t creativity, it’s the vulgarisation of the sacred and is deeply disrespectful,” said Father Clesio Vieira of Rio de Janeiro’s Volta Redonda diocese.

The controversy has dimmed somewhat, so what better time than now to look at the contestants lining up for Miss Bumbum 2016.


Luciana Beltrame

Miss Bumbum 2016 Luciana Beltrame


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