Meet Myla Dalbesio: One Of The New Stunning Faces In This Years Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Marvelous Myla

Myla Dalbesio is the stunning new rookie face featured in this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue; the ‘plus-sized’ model rose to fame as Calvin Klein’s first-ever curve model when she starred in the company’s 2014 ‘Perfectly Fit’ campaign.

She commented on the feat saying that it felt good not to be judged by her size 10 figure which unfortunately in the fashion world is a size considered outside the norm.

‘“This [campaign] was such a great feeling,” she told Elle Magazine.

Calvin Klein

Now, she’s recently released an essay detailing her experiences in the industry and how her personal growth as a model and woman has led her to feel pretty sexy in her skin. Which is great news for us because she looks sensational in the 2017 issue of SI.

She writes on si.com, “It’s hard to hear someone say that I am being objectified by participating in things like the Swimsuit issue,” she said. “It feels insulting, implying that I am somehow being taken advantage of, that I am not empowered in my own decisions. In fact, it is quite the opposite. I embrace my body and celebrate it, and for me, that is what this issue represents.”


We think that’s a very good idea, Myla. 

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