Meet the girl Playboy dubs “the new Kate Upton”

Model and Instagram fanatic Antje Utgaard is set for big things.

Antje Utgaard
Who's that girl? Antje Uitgaard is set for stardom. Image Playboy

This is Antje Utgaard, the woman set to follow in the footsteps of Kate Upton. Well, at least if Playboy has its say.

The magazine has high praise indeed for the little-known Instagram star, recently inviting her to the Playboy Mansion to see what she could do.

Utgaard didn’t take long getting familiar with her surroundings, and cooled off with a dip in Hugh Hefner’s pool after a gruelling round of tennis with herself.

Antje Utgaard
Image Playboy

While the comparisons with Upton are obvious, Utgaard obviously has some big aspirations of her own.

Already a hit on Instagram with over 350,000 followers, Utgaard is half Norwegian and half Swedish and resides in Wisconsin where she attends the University of Minnesota. At 5ft 10ins, and measurements of 40-28-38, she could also have given Marilyn Monroe a run for her money back in the day.

Antje Utgaard
Cooling off Antje takes a dip in the Playboy mansion. Image Playboy

While The Other Woman star Upton is no stranger to steamy photoshoots, one look at Utgaard’s Instagram feed shows that she’s also no stranger to the camera, with some very photos much on the edge of being fit for public consumption.

Predictably, Utgaard describes herself as a “model and actress”, though we have no idea as to how successful her acting endeavours have been thus far.

Utgaard’s IMDB page states that she’s about to appear in the film Sable. Written and directed by Michael Matteo Rossi of Our Lost Translation (nope), it co-stars Nicole Alexandra Shipley and Ayla Kell. It’s the first acting entry on Utgaard’s IMDB page, so you’re forgiven for not having heard of anyone involved. Gotta start somewhere.

While waiting for Sable to come out, Utgaard keeps her online followers up to date with “Topless Tuesday” and “Bum Sunday” updates. This is exactly what Meryl Streep would have done if only social media had been around while she was trying to make it in Hollywood.

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