Meet Corina Mantegazza: The Inspiring Instagram Star With The Amazing Butt

No Ifs, ands or butts about it

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Corina Mantegazza is so inspiring. She’s a 24-year-old pre-med student from Italy who took on a task that many attempt every day – achieving a killer ass.

Well, Corina did it and documented her journey for all to see. She’s a health nut who realised that her body was her temple and that she needed to take care of it. Two years ago she began to put the work in to get healthy and transform her body into something she could be proud of. The public loved it and she’s gathered a bunch of followers on Instagram – she has about 38, 000.

This book-worm told Cosmopolitan that she struggled with an undiagnosed eating disorder during high school, she was studying so much and didn’t have time to exercise – so she limited her food intake significantly, too much in fact.


• Nothin but Hardcore rest & durrrty triple chocolate ice cream today ??? • #FlexFriday #DoItForTheBooty #YOLO

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She’s changed her ways, stating “Being a med student makes you realize how important prevention is [for your health], I didn’t want to be a doctor who doesn’t take care of herself.”

So in her forth year of Med school she started an exercise program called “Kayla Itsines’s Bikini Body Guides (BBG), a two-part, 12-week program involving a series of 28-minute, high-intensity interval training workouts broken down by body part to target the abs, legs, and arms.”





She worked her ass off, literally. What was once a deflated rear end became a round and full butt that you can bounce a coin off of.

Corina is also a mindful eater, often posting photos of her nutritious meals to her Instagram. A pizza makes it in there once in awhile, she is Italian after all. 


• Just a random self motivational picture because I’m feeling so under the weather these days ?? 2011-2015-2016. ⚡️ Fact: success never comes easy. Holidays are over and I’m going back to my routine but everything is about to change, again. I’m starting my sixth and last year of med school, writing my thesis, my boyfriend is about to leave to work in another city, I need to think about personal and professional goals for this F/W and you know what, I actually felt kinda unmotivated about everything last two days. Like, I still don’t know what I want to do with my life next and don’t even wanna think about it. But. Need to be adult of course ✋? Pictures like this give me strength when I’m down. Seeing how far I’ve become since I was only a 19 yo with an hidden ED gives me the confidence to tell myself “everything is possible, and everything will be ok”. I grew both physically and mentally during last years. I know my decisions are going to be the best for me and for my future. I have dreams bigger than me, in every field of my life. But they don’t scare me, just gonna give my 200% to chase and realise all of them. Everything is possible, when you work hard ? •

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Now, this gorgeous future doctor has completely reworked her body into a high functioning form she can show off with pride.

Her story rules and is motivating loaded to start lunging like maniacs. Coin bouncing butts, here we come. 

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