Meet Candice Huffine – the new (supposedly) plus-size supermodel

Vogue model is touted as the new Ashley Graham, even though she’s only size 12.

Plus-size model Candice Huffine
Stars in their size Candice Huffine is the latest supermodel. But is she plus-size?

After Ashley Graham broke the internet last week with her stunning photoshoot, the size 16 model became the latest to open the debate about whether the catwalks should use more plus-size models.

The undisputed ruler of the plus-size world is IMG Models, the agency which represents Graham as well as 6ft 6ins male model Zach Miko and his 40in waist. So it’s the perfect time for IMG to unveil its latest recruit – and 31-year-old Vogue model Candice Huffine has duly been touted as the next plus-size superstar.

Except that, well, Huffine isn’t really much of a plus-sizer at all.

For Candice Huffine is only size 12. Sure, Huffine might be hefty next to Adriana Lima and Gigi Hadid, but what woman wouldn’t who eats more than the latest joyless gloop Gwyneth Paltrow is promoting?


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From Huffine’s Instagram posts, she looks like any woman at her best when they’re sunbathing. And who can’t get behind attainable beauty, instead of trying to ape women who’ve come from a supermodel production line probably hatched on one of the moons of Saturn.

Even Naomi Campbell has weighed in on the weight debate, saying women like Graham should be supported by the modelling industry. Cindy Crawford, meanwhile, has insisted she isn’t going to pull the rip-chord and get stuck into the pies now she’s given up modelling. Even aged 50, Crawford says her husband Rene Gauber “would kill me” if the original supermodel got porky. Which is bold, coming from someone plainly batting above his weight.

Plus-size supermodel Ashley Graham
Ashley Graham The model continues to spread the word about positive body image. Image Picture Maxim

Despite her perfectly fine frame, Huffine has admitted she’s faced pressure to lose weight. “I didn’t realise I wasn’t going to fit in when I went for casting auditions with regular agencies,” she says. “There was a lot of ‘Can you drop some sizes?’”

Ye gods…

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