Mean Girls Trailer Remix Turns It Into Forbidden Lesbian Romance

"It'll be like our little secret."

Mean Girls
Mean Girls The 2004 teen classic. Image Paramount

Even though Mean Girls is more than a decade old we’re all still talking about it.

The latest bit of Plastics goodness comes in the form of a Mean Girls trailer remix that turns it into a lesbian romance between Lindsay Lohan’s Cady Heron and Lizzy Caplan’s “too gay to function” Janis Ian.

“It’ll be like our little secret,” Janis tells Cady, in a moment that’s reminiscent of a sexy teen prequel to Cate Blanchett’s Carol.

Expertly cut together by Mashable Watercooler, the video plucks out key lines and sequences to rejig a frothy teen movie classic into something else entirely.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the Tina Fey-scripted comedy get the remix treatment. Back in 2010, YouTuber lukasmarkus put together a horror version of the film to send shivers down your spine.

Linds recently resurrected Mean Girls at Halloween, donning pink underwear and posting a provocative selfie on Instagram. And it wasn’t even Wednesday!

Watch the lesbian Mean Girls trailer remix below:

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