The Meal Your Order On A Date Says A LOT About You

Step away from the salad....

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What you eat on a date says A LOT about the kind of person you are.

A relationship expert spoke to The Daily Mail about the dos and don’ts of eating on a date. What you should order, versus what you should probably avoid.

In good news, ordering something from the DON’T section could bring a crap date to a swift end. So there’s that to consider as well.




Many people see this a safe choice, so a prospective relationship doesn’t begin with you scarfing down a burger like an animal. However, the expert claims that if you order a salad, it could give off the idea that you’re watching your weight and therefore you’re unable to let go and have fun.



Ordering this could imply that you’re having a great time want the date to go on a lot longer. It can also open up the opportunity to get two spoons and share it lady and the tramp style.

Spice It Up

You’d think a curry could spell disaster, but the dating guru claims it’s a good choice. Ordering a spicy dish shows that you like to take risks, spice is also an aphrodisiac.

Real women eat pizza and burgers

Apparently, this is an excellent choice if you’re a girl, for some reason. The expert claims that a fun and confident woman can eat a burger on a first date. So get that cheeseburger ladies. 

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So there you go. Maybe skip the food and just have a drink to start with.

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