Remembering The McPizza: One Of McDonald’s Biggest Ever Flops

Did you know the fast food chain tried to crack the pizza market in the 80s?

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There are loads of things we don’t miss about the 80s – big hair and shoulders pads being two of them – but the McDonalds’s McPizza has to be one of the worst offenders.

Think of McDonalds and the last thing that comes to mind is pizza, but the chain actually tried to introduce the traditional Italian dish to their stores back in the day, with pretty unconvincing results.

Just like the McLobster, the dish has to go down as one of the restaurant chain’s most famous flops, and it’s no surprise that it’s been absent from the majority of McDonalds’ menus since 2000.

The chain first introduced the dish in the late 80s, in an attempt to provide diners with a greater range of dinner options, on top of all the usual Big Macs, fries and McNuggets.

The pizza was originally family-sized, and would be presented on a raised platform in the centre of the table. However, it was later down-sized to more snack-sized dish.

The pizza actually proved reasonably popular with diners, but there was a key reason why the dish was taken off the menu almost completely.

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Taking a relatively timely 11 minutes to prepare, the chain decided to ditch it to maintain their reputation as providers of fast food.

It became less widely available as the 90s went on, and by the time 2000 came around the dish had almost disappeared completely from menus.

The McPizza isn’t dead and buried just yet though.

The likes of Pizza Hut and Domino’s are the kings of the pizza market these days, but amazingly the dish is still available to buy in the US.

Fancy trying out it out for yourself? Unfortunately, it’s only available in three restaurants – Pomeroy in Ohio, Orlando and Spencer in West Virginia.

So, unless you live near these three chains in the US, it looks you’ll be sticking to Big Macs for now.

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