McDonald’s Is Doing The Unthinkable: A Vegan Burger

It’s called the McVegan and it’s every meat eater's worst nightmare.

McDonald's Big Mac
The Big Mac From McDonald's. Image McDonald's

Vegans, as a rule, are pretty picky eaters. It kind of comes with the territory. All of which makes McDonald’s decision to introduce the McVegan that bit more confusing.

Given that a lot of vegans opt not to eat meat or dairy products because of the awful conditions associated with the shabby treatment of animals at the front-end of the industry, it seems odd that any would even be seen dead in a McDonald’s.

But that hasn’t stopped the brains behind the Golden Arches putting together a vegan burger, which is being trialled with a view to being introduced on a permanent basis.

The McVegan consisted on a soy-based batty alongside the usual tomato, salad and pickles. it also comes with a vegan McFeast sauce – because the secret ingredient in most McDonald’s sauces is apparently meat or dairy based.

In any case, it’s not being trialled on UK shores just yet – the McVegan will initially be available in Tampere, Finland until November 21.

There are no firm plans for a global roll out just yet, but if successful (which it won’t be) the McVegan could yet head to the UK.

In the meantime, those seeking to up their McDonald’s meat intake (oh er!) might want to try out these two meat-filled secret menu options: the McGangBang and the Land, Air and Sea Burger.

The news comes after research revealed Vegans are, statistically speaking, far more miserable than their meat-eating counterparts.

It might be time to rethink your diet. That’s directed at vegans, not meat eaters

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