McDonald’s Has Put Together The Ultimate Hangover Cure For Fast Food Lovers

The McDonald's Share Box is a thing of fast-food beauty.

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McDonald’s might be bad news for your waistline, but it’s an absolute wonder when it comes to recovering and recuperating after a night out.

Whether it’s the salty simplicity of McDonald’s fries or the sheer majesty of the Big Mac, the Golden Arches has got a wealth of options when it comes to absorbing all that alcohol. In fact, McDonald’s is fully aware of its status as the go-to fast-food of choice for anyone left seriously hanging after a night on the sauce.

The result is the McDonald’s share box – a veritable takeaway treasure chest packed full of tasty treats to help ease the pain, nauseous feelings and any lingering headache. It’s got everything you could ever ask for: 2 Big Macs, 2 McChickens, 2 cheeseburgers, 4 packs of medium fries, four medium soft drinks and four regular sundaes.

There’s a twist, of course, because nothing McDonald’s related can come without some sort of caveat these days. In this instance, the problem lies with the fact that the Share Box is only available in New Zealand at present.

But that could definitely change. That’s what social media is for, right? In any case, there’s nothing stopping you from putting together your very own share box. It won’t come in a special box or anything, but you can use your imagination.

This isn’t the first time loaded has teased readers with a special new McDonald’s treat only to pull the rug from under them. Previously, loaded showcased the incredibly appetising breakfast treat the Big Brekkie Burger. It’s basically a burger that you eat for breakfast. Because that’s a normal thing.

There’s just one problem: it’s only available in Australia right now. But that could change too, right? McDonald’s why are you doing this to people. In the meantime, anyone looking to get creative should check out this list of amazing secret menu options from McDonald’s – they are amazing.

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