McDonald’s Sauces Could Soon Be Heading To The Supermarket

Soon we’ll be able to enjoy Big Mac sauce from the comfort of their own homes

McDonald's Big Mac
Classic The McDonald's Big Mac. Image McDonald's

Some of McDonald’s most legendary sauces could soon be arriving in UK supermarkets.

The fast food giant is launching a series of special table sauces familiar to anyone who has ever tucked into a Big Mac, McChicken or Filet-O Fish.

McDonald’s is only selling the new sauces in Canada, initially, but if successful it’s likely that the range will be rolled out across the US and UK – two of the company’s biggest markets for all things burger and fries.

It’s the first time fans have ever been allowed to take home arguably McDonald’s best kept secret – the Big Mac Sauce.

Speaking to USA Today ahead of the launch, spokesperson Becca Hary was keen to dispel any suggestion the sauce merely amounted to a fancier version of Thousand Island Dressing.

“The Big Mac Sauce is unique to McDonald’s and includes a classic combination of ingredients,” she said.

“The Big Mac Sauce remains timeless and customers around the world continue to enjoy its signature taste.”

As well as the Big Mac sauce, fans will also be able to get their hands on the sauces that feature in the Filet-O Fish, and McChicken sandwich which are both equally delicious.

McDonald's Big Mac
The Big Mac From McDonald's. Image McDonald's

It represents a major shift in approach from the fast food giant, who were previously super-protective of their sauce options.

In fact, the only way of getting your hands on them in the UK previously was by paying an extortionate amount on eBay.

Not any more.

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