Is McDonald’s Monopoly Fixed? One YouTuber Spent £500 Finding Out

Jake Mitchell decided to see if it was possible to win big on the fast food competition

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McDonald’s Monopoly is upon us with fast food fans across the UK busy collecting tokens towards a whole host of prizes, vouchers and food freebies.

There’s also a £100,000 cash prize available to anyone lucky enough to collect up the required tokens – but have you ever wondered if the whole thing might be one big scam to get you spending at the Golden Arches?

YouTuber Jake Mitchell has and recently came up with the perfect way to find out the truth once and for all…by spending close to £500 at McDonald’s.

Along with three friends, the 17-year-old starred in a video chronicling their epic trip to the fast food giants.

Opted to order drive thru rather than sit in the surrounds of his local McD’s, things got off to an amusing start when Jake required 200 portions of medium fries.

“Sorry what’s that? Sorry is that serious or…?” a voice responded over the intercom.

For a brief moment, the boys feared they would either be refused service or, worse still, banned.

“If they don’t let us do this I’ll be so annoyed,” Jake warns on the video

“If we get banned from all McDonald’s I’ll be so annoyed at you,” his friend adds.

Eventually, the manager of the branch arrives on the scene and, after some discussion, agrees to the group’s insane £434 order.

After picking up the order, the gang carefully wedged all of the food in their car before returning home to find out which Monopoly prizes they won.

The treasure trove of prizes included; a warm apple pie, four photo books, a regular McCafe hot drink, a McDonald’s meal, a £10 discount from a Red Letter Days experience and their choice of a sugared doughnut or chocolate muffin.

Alas, they failed to land the top prize of £100,000 which can only be obtained by landing the elusive Park Lane and Mayfair prize squares.

Anyone looking to get a few extra Monopoly tokens, meanwhile, can still take advantage of a loophole that could see you land a couple for absolutely nothing.

Sure beats spending nearly £500 on fast food.

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