This Simple Life Hack Will Get You FREE McDonald’s Monopoly Stickers

There’s a very easy way of collecting tokens from the fast food chain…

McDonald's Monopoly
McDonald's Monopoly This could be a game-changer Image McDonald's Monopoly

McDonald’s Monopoly is almost here again, which means only one thing: people are going to be eating a shed load of burgers, fries and McFlurries in the coming weeks and months.

Something of an annual celebration of all things fast food, McDonald’s Monopoly will see fans spend the next few months frantically attempting to collect all of the stickers needed to complete the McDonald’s Monopoly board and potentially win some pretty major prizes.

But there may be a very simple way to collect few stickers without spending any money.

It’s the brainchild of avid McLover and some time presenter Ryan Swain, who reckons he’s worked out the ultimate hack to claim three stickers without spending a penny.

Taking to Facebook, Swain explained: “McDonalds Monopoly starts in a few days and here’s a very clever and quick way to gain more tickets for free!”

That simple One cup Image Ryan Swain/Facebook

His method? Just ask for a large cup of water.

Each large cup of water from McDonald’s comes complete with three stickers and while some staff will probably be aware of what you are up to, tap water remains a basic human right, meaning they are pretty much unable to refuse.

How many each cup is worth Image Ryan Swain/Facebook

With free food up for grabs alongside big money prizes, the great McDonald’s Monopoly hunt begins in earnest on March 22 – don’t miss out.

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