McDonald’s Monopoly Could Be Ending For Good After Recent Backlash

Customers REALLY weren't happy about this year's promotion.

McDonald's Monopoly
McDonald's Monopoly This could be a game-changer Image McDonald's Monopoly

For years, McDonald’s Monopoly has been the best fast-food promotion on the high-street.

It was first rolled out in the UK way back in 1987, and for decades customers have bought Big Macs in the hope of winning anything from a free McFlurry, to £100,000 in cash or shiny new Mini Cooper.

The stickers have arguably became more desirable than the food itself over the years. However, like all good things, McDonald’s Monopoly could be coming to an end for good.

The chain brought an end to its 2017 promotion this week, but not before it faced a pretty damning backlash online.

If social media is anything to go by, public opinion might just be turning against the promotion that has brought the chain so much success down the years.

First, there’s been a real problem this year with availability. Issues about supply have seemed greater than ever in 2017, especially towards the end of the run.

Hundreds of miffed customers have taken to Twitter to complain after finding no stickers with their food, and things aren’t exactly looking good for the chain online.

As well as complaints about availability, people also seem to be beginning to doubt how worthwhile the promotion actually is.

In some corners, there are even been allegation that the competition is fixed, and the promotion is just a ploy to get you spending extra at the Golden Arches.

YouTuber Jake Mitchell even spent a whopping £500 to test out just how legit the promotion was, ordering a staggering 200 portions of fries to make his point.

Of course, he failed to take home the top £100,000 cash prize, and his actual winnings only included a few free drinks and a doughnut – not a great return on £500.

The public opinion seems to be shifting, and it might be time to retire the Monopoly promotion – at least temporarily.

However, while it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Monopoly promotion end for good, loaded reckons that if McDonald’s hold off for a year or two, and make sure their restaurants are properly stocked with sufficient levels of stickers, they could still make it work in the future.

Given time, customers could be lovin’ McDonald’s Monopoly again before you know it.

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